Red Deer


We are proud to have been able to have our hunters hunt some of the largest deer you can find in the world ! There is something truly remarkable about hunting a genuine French Red stag. Nothing can quite prepare you for the hair-raising sound of the red stags lion-like roar or the clash of antlers fighting for a harem of hinds. To hunt a roaring red stag at close quarters is one of the most unforgettable and exhilarating hunting experiences. Just one step from dream to reality ! We can offer this outstanding, exciting and challenging hunt for red deer in France. Spot and Stalk is the best way for hunting those beautiffull animals, the king of the forest.

Red deer can be hunted from the end of jully until the end of February.

Rutting season : beggining of September  end to October

Roe Deer

In terms of hunting, the rutting season is a really special period wich is the best time to get a roe buck on the end of your gun. Generaly start from the third week of July to the middle of August. The deer is called with a whistle, creating a special atmosphere during the hunting. The hunter imitates the calling or emergency sounds of the roe doe, and this might even lure the otherwise very careful old bucks close to the rifle. Roe deer are hunted from high-seats but mostly by stalking.

Roe deer, can be hunted from April to end of October

For those who only want to hunt Roe deer, we also have a 4 450 acres open estate in the South West of France, 1 hour drive from Biarritz airport or 2 hours from Bordeaux which is very well known for their big trophies. the chance to harvested a gold medal are very important. 

European Mouflon

We are very well known to provide some of the biggest mouflon you can find in the world. You will find a strong population of mouflon which can be hunted all year long. We offer a really exciting and challenging hunt in incredibly beautiful surroundings. The hunt takes place in beautiful rather hilly terrain. This is a challenging hunt because mouflon are everytime in a group which means a lots of eyes to catch you during your stalk.

You can hunt mouflon all year long. Rutting season October / November

Fallow Deer

Their unique palmated antlers and various colour phases make them a striking trophy. Fallow coats come in four distinct colour phases ranging from melanistic (dark brown/chocolate), common (light brown/grey with white spots), menil (light red with white spots), and leucistic (white). In terms of hunting, the rutting season is a really special period wich is the best time to get a big Fallow deer. Generaly start from the second week of October, just after red deer ruting season. At this period you can expect some of the biggest trophies. Hunts are taken place on foot in spot and stalk style

Fallow deer can be hunted from August to the end of march.

European Wild Boar

European wild boar are very exciting to hunt. A mature boar can weigh in excess of 150kg (330lb) Hunt with us and you can expect trophy from 18cm to 24cm or more.

Wild boar hunting can be done all day, but it is much more effective early morning and late evening, since they are nocturnal animals. 

Wild boar can be hunted all year long. December is the ruting season.