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He starts his hunting career as a professional hunter in Africa at the age of 18 years old. He has hunted dangerous game in Several countries as Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. Then they start with his wife Anne Sophie to run an estate in FRANCE close to Paris for hunting bird shootind for the very rare and famous Golden (reeves) pheasant and french big game such as red deer, mouflon, roe deer, fallow deer and wild boar. They have made since a long time selection and you have now the chance to harvest worldclass trophy of a lifetime. He is official mesurer of SCI record book and they are both life member of SCI and DSC, and he is on the board of directors for CIC (Conseil International de la Chasse)

Anne Sophie is also a very passionate huntress. She loves hunting since she can walk and have hunted a lots of continent such as Asia, Russia, Africa and Europe of course. She will help you for the organisation of your stay with your hunting licence and all the small details needed. She will tailor each hunting trip to the individual, focusing on a perfect organization to make sure that this will be a trip of a lifetime. She is also a very good french professional huntress and will definitely help you to find the best trophy ! Anne-Sophie & Alexandre will assist you during your entire stay and will be helpful for the organization from A to Z offer you a once in a lifetime experience.

Our hunting brand


We also have a leathergoods hunting brand handmade in France. For more info and eshop click here : ANEAS

The luggage are all handmade craftsmanship in the workshop according to the same processes and finishes as the french Maison de luxe.

The manufacture, which is exclusively French, is carried out thanks to a know-how of excellence where, every step of the creation, from the drawing to the realization through prototyping, cutting and assembly, is carried out manually according to a method of craftsmanship.

Customization can be carried out in our workshops or in the showroom by an embossing. Customization can also be done by adding your own exotic skins for the realization of your leathergoods pieces. Don’t forget that your luggage is made with natural products, that the time and use you make of it will also bring them their true personality.

Welcome to ANEAS, the elegance of your passions !


Your non-shooting guests are just as important as shooting guests, we can plan and organise various activities to fill your days with. For an exceptional getaway, why not combine the unique experiences of hunting with us and doing some sightseeing. 

France has something for everyone : Century of History, impressive architecture, best Made in France shop and the amazing French gastronomy. There’s plenty left to discover.

Our Castle is really close to Paris, D day Beaches, Champagne region as well as numerous varieties of local and traditional market and lots of more amazing place ! Its so easy to combo hunting trip and tourism with family !

We will help you to organize any tailor-made excursions, from the hotel bookings, rental car or private chauffeur, to the activities planning to make sure this will be the best hunting trip you ever made.