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We have operated in Spain since 10 years for traditional Monteria and also Ibex hunting. Associate with a very famous Spanish hunter Migel Sangran owner of South Spain Safaris in Sevilla. We provide you the best place for hunting Spain. We exclusively run the hunting Estate for the biggest red deer in Spain where you can easily expect a more than 300 CIC point Spanish red deer.

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As we start our hunting carreer in Africa and have hunt many country, we are able to share our experience and our long-standing contacts to some of the world’s best hunting areas. Based on this personal first hand experiences we would be happy to take you to one of those locations to hunt such beautifull trophies !

Domaine de Montchevreuil 7


Situated 1 hour drive from Biarritz airport this  2.100 hectares (5.200 Acre) estate is very well known for its roe deer population. You have a very good chance to find medals roe deer. You will stay in a very nice hotel with swimming pool in the center of the area. During your stay you will enjoy the french terror and his foie Gras and cognac estate.
This hunting place is situated 30 min drive from « Eugenie les bains » which is known around the world for their thalassotehrapy and 5 stars palace.

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Moutain species

We operate some of the best area for hunting chamois in France. We organise chamois hunting such as :

  • Alpine Chamois
  • Chartreuse Chamois
  • Vercors Chamois
  • Pyrenean Chamois

We also complete this 4 species of french chamois with the Cantbrian chamois in Spain and also hunting Alpine Ibex in Switzerland.