For decades, the estate has organized classic driven reeves pheasant shoots also known as King pheasant or Golden pheasant. Both Anne Sophie and Alexandre with their very professional gamekeepers, takes care of the hunting and ensure their guests enjoy an unforgettable stay in the wonderful surroundings. You will stay either in the domainde de Montchevreuil itself.

The shooting is carried out in the traditional way with beaters and dogs. You will stand on a line front of the forest waiting the hight-flying birds. If you are a group of less than 6 people, it is often possible to join together with another group.

The beats offer traditional shooting of high-flying birds in relatively hilly terrain; which allows one to take advantage of the differences in altitude to present some birds that give really challenging shooting at more than 40 meters. The average is between 4 to 8 cartridges per birds and the tableau around 200/250 birds ina group of 10 guns.

Reeves pheasant hunt in France should be your next hunt !