In terms of hunting, the rut season is a really special period wich is the best time to get a roe buck on the end of your gun. Generaly start from the third week of July to the middle of August. The deer is called with a whistle, creating a special atmosphere during the hunting. The hunter imitates the calling or emergency sounds of the roe doe, and this might even lure the otherwise very careful old bucks close to the rifle. Roe deer are hunted from high-seats but mostly by stalking.

Roe deer, can be hunted from April to mid October


You can hunt roe deer between our 3 different places. If you would like to enjoy a special roe deer hunt in France we also have a 1 800 hectares (4 450 acres) open estate in the South West of France, 1 hour drive from Biarritz airport or 2 hours from Bordeaux which is very well known for their big trophies. the chance to harvested a gold medal are very important. This is also a region where you can really enjoy the France « terror » with their wine and foie gras estate. The lodge is situated on the estate with restaurant and swimming pool. During your trip you can also combine a talassotherapy in the renowned Eugénie les Bains village wih is situated only 30min from hunting place.